Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chicken Céasar Salad

Pan fried Chicken
just season your skinless and boneless chicken fillet with:
Salt & Pepper

Next step is fry pan it in a non stick frying pan using just a little bit of olive oil  until they are golden brown and after your chicken are done, cut into small bite size pieces

Any type of your preferred salad greens will do
Apple (skinned and cut into small bite pieces)
Hard boiled eggs ( sliced)
cheeze ( Any type you like, just cut it into bite size pieces)
Tomatoes ( cut into small sizes)

arrange all the ingredients mentioned above on a salad plate and dress it with the dressing sauce

olive oil, (6 Tbs)
balsamic vinegar (3 Tbs)
, salt& pepper
, Mustard seeds Ancienne (1 ½ Tps)
and a little bit of water

Mixing all ingredients together and shake it well and thats it :)

incase anyone needs to know how mustard l'Ancienne looks like here is a picture of it :)

À bientôt


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